King's College Research Center

King’s college is a leading research university, where stellar faculty and student researchers deploy deep content knowledge to generate new discoveries on those issues and many more. King’s College Collaborations with top ranking USA & Europe universities in various fields of research.

Research Areas

Science & Technology
Business & Economics
Health & Human Development

King’s College provide wide range research with  the collaboration of World Wide Department and Top Ranking Universities 


Our Research Institutes bring together academic talents from across a range of disciplines to solve problems of global importance.

Our researchers make a difference to people’s lives by working across disciplines to tackle major challenges facing society, the economy and our environment.

Our research degrees give you the opportunity to investigate your subject amongst field-leading researchers with truly first-class facilities.

Our research environment

Our new research and innovation sub-strategy will ensure that our work has a positive impact on society and that we are well-placed to contribute to the health, wealth, security and well-being of future generations in Charlotte NC, the USA and across the globe.

Our researchers have access to a wide range of development programmes, cutting-edge facilities, extensive library resources and expert advice.

Our governance framework helps ensure our research is of the highest quality and ethical standards.

Support to succeed
Collaboration and connection
Research infrastructure

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